WhatsApp Spy Software

WhatsApp Spy SoftwareAs a parent, you will find that when you give your children a smartphone that they will more than likely use the WhatsApp chat application to send text messages to friends in their phone contacts file. However, this fact creates the need to run a software application known as a WhatsApp spy so that you can monitor the chatting activities of your child.

Why You Need to Monitor

There are several reasons for running a WhatsApp spy app on the smartphone that you give your child to use and some of these are:

  • Waste too much time chatting with WhatsApp
  • May be communicating with the wrong friends
  • Send inappropriate photos or videos
  • Use profanity within chats
  • May be threatened by a bully
  • Contact attempted by a stranger or predator

You’ll find that your kids are tempted to waste a lot of time using WhatsApp and it could interfere with their studies, homework, and paying attention in class.

As a parent, you also want to know with whom your children are communicating. Because you get the full text of all messages sent to your online control panel you can take notice of contacts that are bad news for your children.

How It Works

The data flow concept behind a WhatsApp spy application is simple. The app runs silently on the cell phone that is being monitored. As it runs, the full text of all chats are sent over the internet to your online control panel data store for subsequent viewing by you the parent.

Don’t be kept in the dark about what and with whom your children are conversing. Find a WhatsApp spy software provider at Best WhatsApp Spy Reviews and order your subscription without delay.

How a WhatsApp Spy Software Helps with Your Kids

A WhatsApp spy software helps you as a parent by giving you the truth as to what is going on in the chat world of your child. A few ways it helps are:

  • Some products let you restrict phone use
  • Lets you teach them what is appropriate for written communications
  • Can intervene before a bully, stranger, predator becomes a problem
  • Stopping the posting of inappropriate photos before they put your child in danger

Some products such as mSpy allow you to block usage of the monitored smartphone for a certain time period. This is perfect for locking down the device while your child gets his homework finished.

When you see profanity in messages, it is a good teaching opportunity for you as a parent to teach your children appropriate speech.

What is Available?

Not all cell phone monitoring software applications can tap into WhatsApp chat logs on the cell phone or tablet computer being monitored.

mobilespyBefore purchasing a subscription, you want to make sure that the cell phone monitoring app supports WhatsApp. Some examples of those that support this chat app include SpyBubble, Mobile Spy, StealthGenie, and mSpy.

The ability to monitor only SMS and email messages is sometimes not enough when it comes to your children and their use of a smartphone. This is because they will more than likely use the free internet instant messenger app WhatsApp to do their text message exchanges.