Text Message Tracker

People probably send text more than they use voice communications on a smartphone. This is because more information can be exchanged without the risk of being overheard. The cell phone tracking app from Mobile Spy has extensive capabilities when it comes to text message tracking as you will see.

Mobile Spy

The Problems without a Text Message Tracker

Without a cell phone text message tracker on the smartphone of someone you care for or are responsible for, all sorts of problems arise to include:

  • Trouble as a result of inappropriate comments
  • Lost productivity due to time wasting
  • Incriminating messages exchanged by a cheating spouse can be deleted and you would never know
  • Your teenager could coordinate for meeting another to buy drugs
  • New ideas in your business could be divulged to your competitor

With the Mobile Spy cell phone tracking system, even if the user covers his tracks by deleting messages it is no problem because they will have already been captured in your secure subscriber control panel area.

What Mobile Spy Provides

The cell phone spy offered by Mobile Spy provides the capability to tap into practically any method of text messaging that a person would use on a smartphone. It supports tracking the following modes of text messaging:

  1. All incoming/outgoing SMS messages
  2. Sent/received email messages
  3. WhatsApp logs
  4. Facebook and Twitter logs
  5. Gmail messages
  6. Instant messenger (IM) logs

This is quite an extensive list thus enabling you the subscriber to get the complete picture as to the messaging activity of your child, employee, or cheating spouse.

Continue reading and find out more about the Mobile Spy cell phone tracking app and its power when it comes to monitoring text messages.

Basic SMS Tracking

smsThe most simple and probably the most expensive on a smartphone is SMS (short messaging service). This mode of text messaging has been around since the early days of cell phones yet it is not free.

It depends on the calling plan of the cell phone that you will be monitoring. Some plans give a certain number of free SMS messages each month and then charge after exceeding the limit.

You don’t want to get hit with an expensive cell phone service bill because your child or employee overused the SMS service. With the Mobile Spy cell phone spy you can see the limit approaching from your subscriber control panel before it becomes an incredible expense.

Hooks into the Email

emailMobile Spy text message tracking software also reads all incoming and outgoing emails logged on the monitored smartphone. You get the full text of all messages.

Email is probably used more in business applications thus if an employee of yours is divulging company secrets using it then you would be able to see it from your subscriber control panel.

Tracking for the Popular WhatsApp

When you get into WhatsApp, you start getting into the more popular ways for text messaging. WhatsApp is a third-party app that runs on smartphones using the internet thus it is free to communicate.

Since it’s free, it can be over-utilized meaning that your child will be spending more times exchanging messages than getting his homework finished.


Here again, Mobile Spy cell phone tracking software gives you the view of all WhatsApp messages and to what extent the person whom you are monitoring is spending too much time on it.

Social Network Message Logs Can Reveal Much

The social networking sites of Twitter and Facebook are similar to WhatsApp in that it is free to use their messenger apps as well. Twitter allows adult content and you wouldn’t want your teenager chatting in these areas of the app. However, the Mobile Spy cell phone tracking app can see all Twitter messages posted.

While Facebook does not allow adult content, it still can be an incredible time-waster. Thus, you would want to see if your employee is using his company-issued smartphone to kill time on Facebook throughout the day.

Tracking the Preferred Way to Send and Receive Text

These internet-based messaging apps are the preferred way to send and receive text and the cell phone spy product from Mobile Spy knows this. To respond to this need, they have provided ways to read other popular proprietary messengers such as AOL, Gtalk, Yahoo, Windows Live, iMessage (for iPhones), and BlackBerry PIN messages.

The extensive list of messaging apps that the cell phone spy from Mobile spy can tap into is incredible and you will certainly find out the truth with regard to the texting activities of your child, employee, or cheating spouse.